Resources for Product Marketing Managers

Welcome to Infrasystems, a provider of information for marketing managers in high-technology companies.

The following is a random list of resources for product marketing managers.  My name is Barbara Tallent and the information contained on this website came out of my 25+ years in high-tech. This is something that I want to share with others faced with the very challenging job of product marketing manager in the high-tech industry.  

Product Marketing Book

This is a book that I started writing on high-tech product marketing - but never finished. Someday I will get back to it...

Introduction and Target Audience

Chapter 1 -- Product Marketing Defined
The breadth and depth of the product marketing role

Chapter 2 -- The Customers 
How to incorporate customers into the product marketing process.

Chapter 3 -- Product Planning
The product planning cycle and market requirements documents (MRD)

"How to" Write-Ups

The following are some write-ups that I have used in my consulting business that can help your get started, or be used as a checklist, when you are working on these projects.

I have started creating binders below with resources (mine and others) on writing market requirements documents, competitive analysis, product positioning, and product presentations. Let me know if you find other good write-ups to add to my binders!

A Note About Binders

Have you ever been unhappy with the way we share information today? Generally we are sending an email with a bunch of links and/or attachments and some explanitory text.

Then, after you hit 'send', you find one more thing that you wanted to add - and off goes another email.

The recipient of this information is forced to piece together puzzle that you sent over. Of course when they are looking for that inforrmation later, they have to sift through lots of email to find it.

We have set out to change that with LiveBinders - an easier way to group and share information.

If you find this product marketing site useful, please do me a favor in return and check out LiveBinders and make some binders for yourself. You can even copy some of my binders above to get started.

Random Articles

These are random articles that I have written over time as well as some favorite rants of mine.

Book Recommendations

I refer to many books throughout this site in different articles and write-ups.  Here is a summary of some of those books.

More Resources

Here are some organizations, groups and other interesting sites for product managers.

We have really enjoyed building this resource for product managers over the years and enjoy hearing from our visitors.  Please let us know what else you would like to see added to the site.

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